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We all want to feel good in our body, right? It's one of the reasons that millions of people around the world practice yoga. It can also be for the spiritual aspect and for mental relaxation.

For some, yoga is part of their daily routine, for others it's scheduled at a local studio, and for many it's something that has perhaps crossed their mind - but isn't yet part of their routine.

With different types of yoga, studios to practice in, and instructor styles, finding the right fit is a very personal choice. For those who are looking for convenience to practice on their own schedule, the comfort of home (yoga in your underwear!), and maybe just wanting to do it on your own - YouTube is a great medium for a personal practice.


Yoga With Adriene

Adriene makes yoga fun and lighthearted, and easily accessible to all levels! Her quick videos are themed and target areas of the body that might need a little TLC. And when Benji joins, it makes your yoga experience all the more sweet.

Courtesy of: Yoga With Adriene

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