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Trio of Calm: Attitude of Gratitude, Self Care, Breathe

Attitude of Gratitude... Every person is thankful for something. Our gratefulness can be a simple thanks for a cool breeze on our cheek, a smile from a stranger, or an unexpected and much needed laugh. Sometimes we have gratitude for bigger events in life, and no matter the size, a moment to reflect and to give appreciation is equally rewarding and valuable.

Self Care... It's important to love yourself. Sometimes easier said than internalized. From self love comes the ability to love others, to love life, and to thrive. In our fast-paced world we sometimes forget, but remember that it's okay to take a minute, two, and more to allow time for self care in whatever form it means to you.

Breathe... The power of breath, it's what keeps each of us alive. So remember to breathe, and take intentional breaths, especially in those moments when calm is needed.

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