We founded RIO ENERGY BAR with one goal in mind: to create a product that is a savory alternative to the traditionally sweet protein bar, because we believe that your beloved protein bar deserves a savory sibling. We've created a product for those who can't have sweets or those who simply want a non-sweet option. With us your taste buds are heard! 


In 2015 we started experimenting in our Raleigh, NC kitchen and evolved to where we are today in the Rio Grande Valley, TX. The journey has been long (both geographically and metaphorically), and we are thankful to have the support from friends, loved ones, and the community.


Our Savory Protein Krisps sustain you with healthy whole food ingredients and delicious flavors. We want to encourage everyone to feed their body with sustainable (and yummy) energy. We're excited to grow REB and to see where the next steps take us.


Wishing you the healthiest & happiest life!

Irene + Hooman


Our Krisps are Plant-Based, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, Dairy Free, Nut Free, and Simply Delicious!